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For Love Of Emily Bonnie Gardner

For Love Of Emily

Bonnie Gardner

Published April 14th 2014
Kindle Edition
159 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

For young teacher, Silver Burdette, conferences with parents are stressful enough, but when single dad, Major Thad Thibodeaux comes to talk about his troubled daughter, Emily, Silver’s stress level rises. She had met the man before, and their initial meeting had been unfortunate and embarrassing. Silver would prefer not to remember the incident, though she is very much attracted to the man. The major seems not to recognize Silver, who is both relieved and hurt.As time passes and Silver thinks she can hold a normal parent/teacher relationship with Thad, he makes an unusual proposition. Could she stay with Emily while he is away on a military exercise?Silver is torn. Still afraid that Thad will remember their first meeting, she thinks helping the man will soften his view if he does remember. She had done nothing wrong at the time, but it had been a sticky situation. Silver knows that for Emily’s sake she must help her father.Staying with Emily proves to be easy enough until the child contracts chicken pox. At the same time, Thad has been injured and returns to recuperate. Silver must stay with two patients to nurse.Though time passes pleasantly enough, and Silver and the major become closer, Thad finally makes the connection. He realizes that she is a woman he had met so many months before. Angry and embarrassed, he sends her home, saying he no longer needs her help.After several weeks, Silver realizes that Thad has ended whatever was building between them. She returns to her routine and continues her relationship with Emily. Still, she misses the father.At Christmas time she attends a party and sees Thad. Silver wants to talk, but he kisses a woman under the mistletoe. A guest comments that Thad needs a wife, and Silver presumes the woman is his choice. Disappointed, she avoids him by helping the hostess in the kitchen.